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Manitoba Baby Stores

When the big day arrives you'll be all set! Use the handy resources in this section to find everything you need for your newborn.

From clothing and furniture, to gifts and products for making your home "baby safe", these Winnipeg Area Baby resources offer details and information on retailers, manufacturers and the hottest new products!

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1.Cheeky Monkey
2.Trendy Strollers
3.Momzelle - Nursing Clothing
4.AbdoMend Canada
5.Evymama Nursing & Maternity
7.Boutique materni-T
8.Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines
9.Second Peek Maternity Boutique
10.Sweet Kyla Inc
11.The RetroBaby Inc
12.A Parent Company
13.Wink Shapewear
14.Motherhood Maternity
15.Discovery Toys - Wendy Litvak, Manager

If The Shoe Fits...Baby's First Steps

It began as a tentative shuffle. Not long after his first birthday, my son, Oliver, took his first step, sliding one foot unsteadily forward before falling on his diapered behind with a cushioned thud. It was a Kodak moment, but it happened too quickly to capture it on film. My son, a speedy crawler who liked to cruise the living room furniture, seemed like he was in no great hurry to become a walker. His two closest cousins were veteran walkers before their first birthdays, but...
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Shop Trendy Tummy Maternity for Maternity Dresses and Hospital Gowns
Booby Trapper
Wink Shape Wear, Shape Wear, Undergarments

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